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Tsui Lam Estate Baptist Kindergarten has always been committed to providing quality education services. Not only arranging two qualified teaching staff (with a diploma in Early Childhood Teaching or above) for each bilingual class (no more than 28 students) as the head teacher, we also hire an additional foreign teacher who specializes in teaching English and work together with a multi-class teacher system to provide more adequate care, so that every child can learn from pleasure.

Each foreign teacher only teaches in one class at the same time and will not teach in other classes. In the coming year (22-23 years), the school will add 6 foreign teachers to teach, hoping to build a richer English language scene.

We have indicated the above arrangements to the Education Bureau and has been approved. Parents are requested to pay kindly attention about the above arrangements.

We are very grateful to the parents for their care for the school, and will continue to work hard, relying on the grace of God, to provide better education services, so that every child will become a lover of God and a good child serving the community.